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Palace of Ice

A cry for help

Deep in the far north, the Snow Alliance is in turmoil. Cunning Sorak schemes cause division as they manipulate former allies, and now the Kingdom of Gallivan has declared war upon its neighbors. It has been only a few months since the Heroes of Caer Cyflen stopped the Sorak from summoning their dark god, but for the brave there is no rest.

The Sorak defeat in the Badlands at the Aer Elai has forced them to be bolder, even reckless. Our intrepid adventurers must head north and aid their Snow Alliance allies, but will they make it in time?

Reforge the pact

Trust, like safety and warmth, is scarce, and each clan of the Snow Alliance has its own unique challenges to deal with. No matter how strong each believes they are, if left alone, none will survive. For the Snow Alliance to prevail, a new purpose and unity must be forged; a new Speaker of the Pact must be elected to face the oncoming storm.

A legion of obstacles stands in the way of the adventurers – selfish squabbles, deep distrust, duplicity, and deceit. The party must overcome them all, if not, all will be lost.

An unknown threat

Ferocious as the Soraks are, many forget that they are schemers too. Cautioned by past failure, and encouraged by near success, the Soraks will not underestimate the adventurers again. If they cannot cause Solasta’s fall alone, then, by Sorr-Tarr, they too will make alliances. And they have.

Mysterious disappearances, lost reports; just what is happening in the lands of the north? The party must be prepared to face new and dangerous foes – many previously unknown.