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Lost valley

A Forgotten Valley

Not all Manacalon lords heeded the call to arms when the Rift opened – some chose to stay behind to protect imperial secrets, some others simply wanted to save their own skin. What none expected however was the sheer magnitude of the Cataclysm. Even small isolated enclaves were left in tatters and yet somehow, someway, the old Manacalon ways survived in the Valley of the Dominion. Forgotten by all, the rare visitors only stumbled upon it by accident… and have never been able to leave.

A party of adventurers on a mission to locate a missing agent of the Principality of Masgarth enters the Valley. Will they be able to find who they are looking for?

A Web Of Intrigue

The valley may seem like a utopia under the enlightened rule of a benevolent ruler, but do not get lured by honeyed words and shiny baubles. There are dynamics of power at play and not everybody is as happy as the ruler of the Dominion would like them to believe. Several factions would like nothing more than to sit on the throne, and they are just waiting for the right opportunity…

Your party will have to take sides, a dangerous endeavor when trust is in short supply. And take sides you must, for without help you will find yourself unable to complete your mission – and more importantly, leave this place alive.

No Turning Back

As they say in the Snow Alliance: in for a stag, in for a snowflake. The residents of the Valley know that all newcomers dream of escaping – and they will only provide help to those willing to help them back. None can survive for long without allies, especially not here – but making new friends also means taking on new enemies.

Will you do what’s right, or will the call for glory win you over? Will you complete your mission, or will you satisfy yourself with copious amounts of gold? Choose well, for others will judge you for your choices.