Heroes of Solasta


The Humans

A magical accident brought humans to Solasta, but they have adapted to their new world very well. Thanks to their unique versatility, they can take any class and excel at almost anything.

The Elves

Elves are among Solasta's most ancient races, and used to rule a powerful empire. Swift, agile, and naturally gifted with magic, they make powerful wizards and talented rogues - but have many other options as well.

The Dwarves

Another of Solasta's original races, the dwarves are naturally skilled miners and craftsmen. Sturdy and determined, they are fierce warriors and devoted keepers of their ancestral traditions. Most dwarves make excellent fighters, and their clerics are renowned for their zeal.

The Halflings

The original halflings evolved in the northeastern marshes, and retain an affinity for water. Small and nimble, they make skilled rogues, but can do well in almost every class.



Harnessing divine power, clerics shield their allies and smite their enemies. Although they are best known for healing magic, clerics can also hold their own in combat, facing evil toe to toe.

Clerics - and gods - came to Solasta along with the first humans, but the gods and their divine magic are now accepted by all races.


Not all rogues are thieves, though most will happily pick up unguarded valuables. Their stealth skills make them valuable scouts and sneak attackers, and their acute senses help the party find secret doors and avoid traps and ambushes. They also make useful snipers and ranged troops.

Like any other world, Solasta is home to many kinds of rogue. Some rob their fellow citizens, while others brave the perilous tombs and ruins of the past in search of treasure.


Heavily armed and armored, fighters live for battle. They are strong, skilled with multiple weapons, and tough enough to stand up to most kinds of foe.

Solasta is home to many martial traditions, including the magic-wielding spellblades, the tunnel-fighting mountaineer and the peerless champion.


Wizards are masters of the arcane arts, able to shape the forces of magic. Rather than rushing in with weapons, they cast spells that weaken their enemies from a distance - so long as their comrades keep them safe.

The magical traditions of Solasta are descended from the fallen empire of the high elves, but knowledge of arcane magic has spread to all races.